This section will walk you through setting up your Google Voice number and connect it to your mobile number(s).

Step 1: Access the Google Voice website.

Step 2: Please login to the gmail account you'd like associated with your Google Voice account in the upper right hand corner of the page. (You'll be using this later to sign into your Google Voice account.)

Step 3: Once signed in, please select "Continue."

Step 4: Next, you'll choose a city or area code that you'd like your phone number generated within! Once you type in your desired area, phone numbers available with that area code will populate and you'll have the option to "select" your preferred number!

Step 5: Click "Next," you'll be connecting your Google Voice number to your personal mobile number this will allow for calls from your generated number forward to your mobile number. 

Step 6: Enter your mobile number and then select "Send Code."

Step 7: Once you've received the verification code, you'll be sent a 6 digit code via sms text to your mobile number.  Then, enter in that code and then "Verify."

Step 8: After verifying your code, it will pop up a message saying that the connection to your mobile number has been made. Now click "Finish" and you're all set up! 

If you're wanting to connect your personal mobile number and other numbers to your newly created Google Voice number, then follow the additional steps below.  If you're only setting up one number at this time, then you're set up and you can view your Google Voice Dashboard on the page you're on or with this link. 


Step 1: Log into your Google Voice Dashboard unless you are there still from the previous steps.

Step 2: Choose the three bars in the top left hand corner and then under that tab choose "Settings." 

Final Step: Once you're in Settings, you'll be able to see the numbers linked to your account, and you'll have the option to link other numbers if wanted.  

If you connect other numbers, when your created Google Voice number is called, the call will go out to all of the numbers that you've linked up with.  

When linking up new numbers, each number will be sent a verification code to complete that connection. 

After you've added all of the numbers you'd like associated with your Google Voice number, you're all set!

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