Agentology is proud to announce its newest API integration with Real Geeks

This highly requested feature is a big step forward in the Agentology platform. With this new integration, the Agentology ISA team can receive all your Real Geeks leads in real time! All your new leads will be received and contacted by Agentology within seconds, all while allowing you to monitor and see all your lead updates directly from your Real Geeks dashboard.  

Key Features 

  • With real time sync, you can now easily view all of our communication logs with your leads.   
  • View Notes added for each lead. 
  • View History of Call Attempts, SMS Attempts, and Email Attempts For Each Lead.
  • View SMS Conversations in Real Time.
  • Admins will still be able to use their existing distribution rules.
  • Once we are connected through the Admin’s API, we will receive all of the leads - account wide or for a specific user. Any assignment rules that are in place, will remain the same, and all of our concierge's notes and updates will be viewable within the RG dashboard.

Connecting your Real Geeks account with Agentology has never been easier. 

Lets begin...

Step 1 - Go to Lead Router and click on “Configure destinations". 

Please navigate to 

*Make sure that you are on the admin account and you are the account owner.

Click on "configure destinations" 

Step 2 - Select the website you are wanting Agentology to work!

Step 3 - Click “Connect” on the Agentology box.

Step 4 - Enter in Your Partner ID. 

An Agentology specialist will give you your Partner ID. 

Step 5 - Configure Assignment Settings

A) No, don’t wait.  This option receives all new registration leads account wide, this does not have an option to restrict by user.  

B) Yes, wait for assignment.  A user can be selected here, can also work account-wide when no user is selected. This option only sends Agentology leads once they are assigned.

C) Yes, but only wait if assignment is automatic, don’t wait for manual assignment.  This option prevents manually assigned leads from being sent to Agentology. This means it would only send us leads if the assignment is automatic, via a round robin rule for example.  This option only works account-wide,  it cannot be restricted to a single user.

Step 6 - Change Notification Settings

To get notifications when a lead is Qualified or Unqualified by Agentology,  make sure the notification setting "Activity shared by another user" is ENABLED.  This can work for both Admins, and Assigned Users. 

Click Save!

You are all set :)

We are here for you! 

If at any point you need assistance, our Client Success Team is more than happy to help! Let us know by clicking on the live chat icon at the bottom right of your screen or email us directly at

Thank you :) !

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