Agentology is proud to announce the API integration with Follow Up Boss

With this integration, our team can receive your FollowUpBoss leads in real time! Also, with the API, all of our ISA’s attempts and notes will be viewable within your FollowUpBoss dashboard!

Key Features:

  • Real Time Sync to Follow Up Boss Dashboard 
  • Real Time Sync allows you to easily view your lead’s updates and history of attempts directly from your Follow Up Boss dashboard.   
  • View Notes for each lead. 
  • View History of Call, SMS, and Email Attempts For Each Lead in Real Time
  • View SMS Conversations in Real Time (example below)
  • Owners/Admins will still be able to use their existing distribution rules 
  • Once we are connected through the Owner/Admin’s API, we will receive all of the leads account wide. Any assignment rules that are in place will remain the same. Also, all of our ISA’s notes and updates will be viewable within the assigned agents portion of the dashboard.

Connecting your Follow Up Boss Account with Agentology has never been easier!

Lets begin…

  1. Sign into the Admin account here.

2. Select the Admin tab

3. Click the More tab as shown in the picture below, and retrieve your code under the API tab. 

4. Copy your API Key and send it to your Client Success Advisor. Once the integration goes live, you will be notified by our Client Success Team!

Next, we want to submit a test lead! Click "People."

We want to manually "Add Person" on the right hand side.

Enter in test lead info, and "Add Person!"  Tell the agent to put in your name, a made up email that you use for testing, and you can make up a phone number to use.

Done! Check to make sure the test lead came in on their Salesforce account. 

We are here for you! 

If at any point you need assistance our Client Success Team is more than happy to help! Let us know by clicking on the live chat icon at the bottom right of your screen or email us directly at

Thank you!

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