Recently, Agentology released Live Transfer, a new feature that connects you with leads live over the phone at their highest point of interest. Here are a few ways you can take full advantage of Live Transfer: 

1. Be Available: This one is pretty obvious, but you can’t talk to a live lead if you don’t answer the phone! 

2. Save Our Contact Info: Know when an Agentology live lead is being transferred by downloading and saving our contact information to your phone. Once added, the name “Agentology Live Transfer” will appear whenever our concierges call with a hot lead on the line. 

3. Simultaneous Call Forwarding: If every agent on the team is called during a live transfer, the chances of someone responding and converting the lead into a client gets significantly higher. There are several services and solutions that can help you accomplish this, but Agentology strongly recommends a service called Line2

With Line2, Agentology is able to simultaneously call an entire team of agents at the same time! This will increase the chances of a successful live lead transfer and has proven to help teams increase their conversion rates. 

How it Works:

The process is very simple. Once you have a Line2 account set up, Agentology will call your Line2 number during a live transfer. This phone call is then forwarded (by LIne2) to all the agents on your team, increasing the chances of someone picking up the call. This ensures that a call is never missed. 

Plans and Pricing:

Starting at just $12.45/mo, Line2 offers several plans with different payment options. Please see these options on their official website here (please note: you must sign up for the Pro or Elite plan in order to use the “simultaneous call forwarding” feature).

How to set up call forwarding with Line2

  1. Once you have created an account with Line2, please sign in. 

2.  Once you are signed in, go to the “Call Handling Tab” and make sure “Call   Forwarding” is turned on. 

3. Click on “Forwarding” to go to the forwarding setup. Here you will be able to adjust your forwarding rules and add all the numbers you want calls to forward to. 

4. You’re all set! :) 

Lastly, if no one is available to take the call, our concierges will let you know how and when to reach back out to the lead, or set up an appointment directly on your calendar whenever possible.

For additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success advisor anytime.

Thank you again for being part of the Agentology Network and have a great day!

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