Agentology makes it easy for agents to engage and qualify cold real estate leads from any CRM or lead source. Our team has spent countless hours developing the perfect formula to reduce time spent screening cold web leads and maximize focus on serious prospects. 

Agentology works with all lead types, sources, and CRMs. Your leads automatically funnel into our system as they come in. Using proven scripts and our 100% human response team, every lead is contacted immediately. We ask all the right questions to ensure you have all the info you need. 

Once we determine a lead is ready to speak and/or meet with you, we send you their information with all of the other valuable insights we gathered while communicating with them. 

Eligible leads will include a “REFER” option which allows you to send the leads you don’t want or can’t handle back to us. We’ll match it with another top agent in our network, handle the details, and pay you a 25% referral fee on each closed deal.

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