Most leads come in with very basic contact info and a property address. Since it’s our job not only to qualify your leads, but enhance them, our concierges gather as much additional information from each lead as possible. The information we gather include: mortgage approval status, timeframe for buying or selling, and any other valuable data we can use to set you up for success. We also do everything in our power to lock in a good time for a call or meeting so we can truly give you a warm introduction.

Our ISAs always try to gather as much information as possible, but some share more where others are hesitant to divulge much at all until they meet face to face. This doesn’t mean they’re not interested! Leads have busy lives, and can be skeptical of giving out too much info too early to avoid being overly marketed to in the future (and let’s face it, they have a point :)

Qualified vs. Unqualified Leads

When your Agentology Concierge is communicating with your leads, they will determine whether the lead is qualified or unqualified.  

What do you consider a Qualified lead?

When we’re able to engage a lead, verify their basic info, and confirm their interest in working with an agent, they’re considered a qualified lead. However, there are different degrees of “qualified”.  A buyer who is ready to buy this month is clearly a hot prospect, has shared great info with us that we pass along to you, and soon thereafter you’re out showing them homes and writing up offers.

On the other hand, there are leads who aren’t ready to share as much. In our experience, if we feel hesitation to share more, we don’t pry too hard because it causes leads to go unresponsive or feel they are being “hard sold”.  Most internet leads are longer term buyers who are just starting their searches and planning to buy within the next 6-12 months. It’s important to keep this in mind when first communicating with your newly qualified leads.

If we were only able to gather basic info and a time frame of 3 months, we will qualify the lead and send you that info along with any other important details. This is a good lead who responded to us, and gave us some info and confirmed interest. We consider this the perfect time to reach out, introduce yourself, and set them up on a home search to help them based on properties they’re interested in along the way.

What do you consider a Un-Qualified lead?

Leads can be unqualified for many different reasons, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Lead is not interested and doesn’t want to be bothered
  • Lead included an invalid phone number AND email address
  • Lead is already committed to another agent
  • Lead is a duplicate in your system already
  • Lead is unresponsive after all attempts are made
  • Lead is renting or looking for a rental agent

Whenever we unqualify a lead for you, you receive a notification and a reason why they’re unqualified. You also have visibility into each attempt, including our SMS and Call history leading up to when we determined they were unqualified.

If a lead we unqualify ever reaches back out to us in the future, our concierges will re-activate the lead and attempt to qualify them again.

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