Engaging Your Leads

At Agentology, it’s our goal to quickly engage every lead to identify and qualify hot prospects and filter out any unmotivated leads. Considering 72% of leads will work with the first agent they meet with, it is our mission to make sure you’re the first agent to make contact.

We engage your leads using a combination of texts, calls, and emails, and our cadence varies based on many different factors: time of inquiry, landline or mobile phone number, lead preferences, etc.

Important Notice - We Are The Experts. Trust us!

Below is a general overview of our data-driven cadence based on real-time analytics and consumer behavior. By testing our process against ourselves, we have visibility into where improvements can be made to increase conversion rates. We’re testing scripts, response times, texting vs. calling, cadence for attempts, and more. 

We use data from over 100,000 monthly conversations that we’re having with clients to help determine what works best.  Our goal is to allow you to leverage all that data to reap the benefits.

We “high-five” Every Lead - Our 5 Day Action Plan

Mobile #s - 12 attempts in 5 days

  • Within 5 minutes: 1st call attempt
  • Followed by: 1st initial SMS message if no answer
  • Within a few hours send 2nd and 3rd SMS messages
  • Within 6-10 hours: 2 additional call attempts + 1 Email if no answer
  • 18 hours later send 4th SMS message
  • Over the following 3 days: an additional SMS (5th message) and 3 more emails

     = 12 actions/attempts

Landlines - 9 attempts in 5 days

  • Within 5 minutes: 1st call attempt 
  • Within 15 minutes: 2nd call attempt + 1st Voicemail
  • Within 24 hours: 2 additional call attempts + 1st Email
  • Over the following 5 days: 3 additional Emails                                                               = 9 actions/attempts

Leads with bad phone (but good email)  - 4 email attempts 

  • Campaign last for 8 days, email sent every 2 days 

Texting vs. Calling

After years of researching which method garners the highest conversion rate, we found most people prefer texting over phone calls. Think about it: if you weren’t an agent, would you answer calls from numbers you don’t know? Likely not, and neither do your leads. That’s why we’ve taken a text-first approach to lead engagement and qualification.

Why we are using texting as a primary contact method:

  • Texting has a 98% open rate within the first 3 minutes of it being sent.
  • 79% of the population prefers to be texted first.
  • Leads who are texted are 40% more likely to convert.

Why we call your leads, too:

  • 20% of your leads are landlines and can only be reached by calling.
  • Calling and leaving a voicemail increases the chances of a returned phone call or text.

Why Emailing Matters!

Up to 40% of your online inquiries may be submitted using a bad phone number (to prevent being telemarketed to), but a correct email address (because it’s passive and unwanted emails are easily ignored). This is why in addition to calling and texting, we email your leads throughout the qualification process. We make sure to cover all those bases for you.

Overnight Process
The Buyer/Seller experience is important to us. We promise to engage your leads within 5 minutes, however, if it’s after hours we stick with texting to make sure we aren’t calling your leads in the middle of the night (unless they ask for a call!). All leads then get a phone call first thing the next morning to make sure they are getting the appropriate number of contacts. 

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